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Ah! ça ira, ça ira, ça ira
les aristocrates à la lanterne!

Obsessive scholar's note: I based the facial sculpts off of period portraits--and in the case of Robespierre, his purported death mask--but there's no way to be sure just how accurate they really are.

CC list: Camille, Lucile

Download: Camille, Lucile

CC list | Download

CC list | Download

Note: Marie's hair requires the Holiday pack.

Special thanks to:

Sherahbim, for her generous policy regarding use of her amazing textures, which meant my Marie could look properly pale and tragic.

Berg, for providing my male revolutionaries with some snazzy suits to wear. The only thing I did to Maxime's outfit was recolor the sash and add a tricolor cockade to his lapel.

Lidiqnata, for the amazing 18th century wigs.

[personal profile] hat_plays_sims, for Camille and Lucile's hair. It's a rare Sim who doesn't wear one of Almighty Hat's hair recolors in my game!

The folks at Plumb Bob Keep for all the fantastic period stuff that help make my historical neighborhoods more realistic.

The people approve!
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