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2014-09-04 08:17 pm

Hjardarholt Farmhouse

Another Hjardarholt lot! What you get is a one-room Viking farmhouse with an attached bathhouse/outhouse. Outside the house is a small byre for animals/storage, a chicken yard, a garden plot, and a spiffy fish pond. Between fishing, farming, and various craft stations (not included, but I would recommend picking up the basket weaving station and the fetch water rock) your Sims will be self-sufficient in no time!

More pictures and download link at Plumb Bob Keep
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2014-09-01 02:44 pm

Hjardarholt: The Norsemen

I've had enough folks ask after the male models used in my Hjardarholt series that I've decided to go ahead and upload them.

Full disclosure: Some of these sims are available in a different form here in my dreamwidth journal, namely One-Eye and Brother William. Those two are actually Hannibal Lecter and Will Graham from my Eat The Rude set of Hannibal sims. Given how drastically I made over Hannibal to turn him into One-Eye, I don't feel bad about uploading him twice. Will is another matter, since all I really did was update his skintone and slap a monk's robe on him, but in the interests of one-stop shopping, I'm making him available at the Keep as well as Brother William.

Download at Plumb Bob Keep
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2014-08-29 05:21 pm

Hjardarholt Market Day: a mixed clothing set

Okay. So, on Monday, I had to have a lot of blood drawn for labs. Any time I have blood work done, it puts me on my butt for a full 24 hours after. But! My blood loss is your gain! I pretty much spent all of Tuesday curled up in bed with the laptop making clothes for my Viking villagers. This is the result.

To the market! )
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2014-08-25 05:47 pm

Hjardarholt Stave Church (community lot)

First up, I need to give a great big shout-out to rugrat0ne, who graciously volunteered to be both play-tester and lot-cleaner for this series. Without that help, all of my Hjardarholt lots would have remained forever on my computer. I owe you, hon. Big time. <3

This church is not based on any one extant building, but is intended to represent a style of single nave churches most commonly found in 12th century Norway ... or, as close as I could get within the limits of the game, anyway.

Read more about stave churches here:

And to put you in the proper mood, here's a link to members of the folk band Arstidir singing the 12th century Icelandic hymn "Heyr himna smidur" ("Hear, smith of heaven"):

Download at Plumb Bob Keep
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2014-08-24 05:28 am

Hjardarholt Fashion: Clothing from the Viking Age

I've been busy making clothes and houses for Hjardarholt, my viking 'hood, and thought I would start sharing some of the fruits of my labors.

To Valhalla! )