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First up, I need to give a great big shout-out to rugrat0ne, who graciously volunteered to be both play-tester and lot-cleaner for this series. Without that help, all of my Hjardarholt lots would have remained forever on my computer. I owe you, hon. Big time. <3

This church is not based on any one extant building, but is intended to represent a style of single nave churches most commonly found in 12th century Norway ... or, as close as I could get within the limits of the game, anyway.

Read more about stave churches here:

And to put you in the proper mood, here's a link to members of the folk band Arstidir singing the 12th century Icelandic hymn "Heyr himna smidur" ("Hear, smith of heaven"):

Download at Plumb Bob Keep
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I've been busy making clothes and houses for Hjardarholt, my viking 'hood, and thought I would start sharing some of the fruits of my labors.

To Valhalla! )
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Several of the sims used to model clothing in the Fashionably Late sets are from my Marvel Universe 'hood. I really liked the way they looked in armor, so I opened up Photoshop and started playing around....

... and that's how I wound up with The Avengers Go Medieval:

Download the Sims at Plumb Bob Keep

EDIT: I had a request for a medieval Bruce Banner, so here he is:

Download him here.

If all you want is the armor, there is a separate, clothing-only download as well. You also get a bonus outfit for Loki:

If anyone is interested in what these Sims look like in modern clothing, there are pictures of them dressed in Syn's Avengers uniforms behind the cut.

Photobucket ate those pictures, and I don't have backup copies to re-upload. Sorry. :(
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I made these recolors for my own game & thought I'd share them with y'all.

On to the fashion show! )
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Remembrance Day is coming up, so I made a set of WWI uniforms. They're not 100% historically accurate, but I tried to get as close as the available meshes and my poor Photoshop skills would allow.

Uniforms of World War I )
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This is Lothere's gorgeous apron gown textures on Cynnix's AG conversion of Beryllium's Frigg Gown mesh.

Full credit belongs to Lothere, Cynnix, and Beryllium. All I did was copy/paste.

Available for AF and TF.

Download at the Keep.
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I've uploaded my Thranduil sim to Plumb Bob Keep!
Get him here.
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I uploaded a few Dragon Age-inspired elves over at Plumb Bob Keep.

(That would be Zevran, my city elf Warden, Marethari and Merrill, respectively.)

Download them here!
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Finally got around to uploading my Sims of Ser Cullen and Anders from DA2:

Download them here at the Keep!
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These are some recolors of a Sim Ages mesh I made for my own game. Uploaded for [personal profile] edorenel, who was lamenting the lack of decent athletic clothes for 18th century menfolk.

Front view. )

Back view )

Available in Everyday and Athletic. Mesh from Sim Ages included.

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As soon as I saw child_of_air's lots from the Rose Rent, I knew I had to give the folks at Plumb Bob Keep my Brother Cadfael sim. He's based in part on Sir Derek Jacobi in the BBC adaptions, and in part on the descriptions provided by Ellis Peters in the novels.

Download him from the Keep!


Nov. 17th, 2012 02:09 pm
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I dropped by Plumb Bob Keep yesterday to reintroduce myself. While I was there, I updated my profile with my current email address. What I didn't realize was that they would deactivate my account until the new email was verified. So, now I can't even see, much less respond to, any comments on my introductory post. Oops?
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My 18th century ladies always need more hair. Thanks to Almighty Hat's generous policies, I slapped textures from her recolors of Sussi's Gibson Girl mesh on Besen's rokoko mesh. Voila! Hedgehog hair for the ladies!

Clicky for more pics and d/l link. )
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