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Ophidiae ([personal profile] toastedsims) wrote2016-04-06 11:44 pm

Fashionably Late to the (Dragon Age) Inquisition

A Dragon Age-themed continuation of my Fashionably Late series of clothing recolors.

Welp, I'm about to start physical therapy: round two, which means I will most likely not be around much for the next couple of months. But! Before I go, I wanted to present you with one more clothing set.

These are all outfits inspired by Dragon Age: Inquisition. So, it makes sense to start with some armor for your Inquisitor.

First up is Lavellan, for your female elvish rogues:

For your male Inquisitors, the cunningly titled Inquisition Armor:

Killing demons and closing Fade rifts is hard work! Sometimes, your Inquisitor just need to kick back and relax.

For the ladies, an outfit modeled after the infamous Skyhold Pajamas, but much more stylish:

And for the gentlemen, a tunic sporting Inquisition heraldry:

Lastly, a couple of outfits for your followers.

The Dread Wolf:


Meshes used:

Cynnix's TSM Spy Tunic
Cynnix's TSM Long Tunic
Yuxi's Elven Armor
Yuxi's Boldness Beckons
Alisa's Witcher conversions for AM & AF

All meshes are included. Textures are my usual Frankenstein mashups of Maxis & Dragon Age, except for Skyhold, Lavellan, and Dorian, which use the original textures that came with the meshes. Color actions are mine + CuriousB's.

Have fun storming the castle!