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Ophidiae ([personal profile] toastedsims) wrote2016-04-06 11:38 pm

Chant of Light: Dragon Age-Inspired Chantry Robes & Armor

First up, some DA2-style robes for your Templar Knight-Commanders and Revered Mothers:

Next, a dress inspired by Divine Justinia's robes in Dragon Age: Inquisition:

And lastly, some armor for your Seekers:

The robes are available for Young Adult thru Elder as Everyday, Formal, and Outerwear. The armor is AM and AF only, and shows up in Everyday, Formal, Athletic, and Outerwear.

Dress and robe meshes by Amelie Montmartre & VampireKiss6661 are included. The armor is by Maxis and requires OFB.

Textures are a mashup of Maxis and Dragon Age, with a bit of Sherahbim for the armor and some color actions by CuriousB.