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Ophidiae ([personal profile] toastedsims) wrote2016-03-24 10:31 am

Dragon Age-inspired armor: Revised & Updated!

After much swearing at Mediafire, I bring you the shiny new version of my Dragon Age-inspired armor set!

It's pretty much identical to the old set, except this time there are belt pouches. I also added a more heavily-armored version of Tristan's armor from my Fashionable Late series, which uses the Dragon Age texture as well.

But wait, there's more! I also bring you some DA2-inspired Templar armor!

This is the TSM Knight Elegant armor that Cynnix was kind enough to convert for me. I've had the files on my computer for a while, and figured now was a good time to go ahead and release them into the wild.

Available as Everyday, Formal, Athletic, and Outerwear

Meshes used:

Tig's basic alpha tunic
Tig's alpha tunic for the LBB shape
Athletic girl
TSM Spy Tunic for AM
TSM Knight Elegant for AM & AF

All credit goes to the artists at BioWare for the original textures, and to the folks who made the meshes. All I did was extract the textures from Dragon Age and then play around with them in Photoshop.

All meshes are included. If you want to use the textures for other body shapes, feel free! Just be sure to credit Dragon Age/BioWare, and keep them off of pay sites.