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Ophidiae ([personal profile] toastedsims) wrote2014-09-01 02:44 pm

Hjardarholt: The Norsemen

I've had enough folks ask after the male models used in my Hjardarholt series that I've decided to go ahead and upload them.

Full disclosure: Some of these sims are available in a different form here in my dreamwidth journal, namely One-Eye and Brother William. Those two are actually Hannibal Lecter and Will Graham from my Eat The Rude set of Hannibal sims. Given how drastically I made over Hannibal to turn him into One-Eye, I don't feel bad about uploading him twice. Will is another matter, since all I really did was update his skintone and slap a monk's robe on him, but in the interests of one-stop shopping, I'm making him available at the Keep as well as Brother William.

Download at Plumb Bob Keep