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Ophidiae ([personal profile] toastedsims) wrote2014-08-24 05:28 am

Hjardarholt Fashion: Clothing from the Viking Age

I've been busy making clothes and houses for Hjardarholt, my viking 'hood, and thought I would start sharing some of the fruits of my labors.

First up, we have clothing I made for the Jarl and his son using NextorTorres' LBB conversion of Liz's viking tunic, and a dress for the Jarl's wife:

Next, a couple of recolors of SerenityFall's 3t2 conversion of the Dragon Valley simple Celtic dress:

And last, we have Ragnar (in blue) and One-Eye (in brown) sporting much less fancy recolors of the LBB tunic:

Available for AM & AF only. All outfits are categorized as Everyday, Formal, Athletic, and Outerwear, except for the Jarl's wife's dress. That's just too fancy to use as athletic gear. ;)

Textures are my usual Frankensteined mashups, using random bits and pieces from Lothere, zoej, EAxis, and Sherahbim, along with color actions from Pooklet, CuriousB, and Shastakiss.

Meshes by NextorTorres, Sim Ages, and SerenityFall are included.