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Ophidiae ([personal profile] toastedsims) wrote2017-06-08 05:56 pm

Under the Black Flag Part Two: Peg-Legged Pirates

Many years ago, Crab Of Doom made a peg-legged bodyshape based off the peg-legged pirate coat that came with Bon Voyage. The set included various pieces of modern-day clothing, along with swimwear and undies, and even had a showerproof skin tone to go along with it.

While the skin tone worked for both male and female Sims, the clothing was only for males. I mentioned this oversight to CelestialSpider while working on the Salty Dogs set; six hours later, a female version of the Bon Voyage peg-legged pirate coat landed in my in-box. A day after that, a matching mesh for female underthings arrived.

Have I mentioned that CelestialSpider is freaking awesome? Because holy wow, y'all. :D

Everything in this set is base game compatible, except the original male pirate coat from Bon Voyage. Don't have Bon Voyage? Don't worry! Included in the download is a basegame version of the coat made by the amazing CelestialSpider. Even better? It has all morphs, including preg, which the BV coat did not. The files are clearly labeled, so keep the one you want. Or heck, keep both of them! They won't conflict.

So, now that we're done with the wall of text, have some peg-legged pirate goodness for both males AND females!

First up: pirate coats! Available for YA thru Elder, and categorized for Everyday, Formal, Outerwear, and Athletic.

Next, two different styles of underthings, categorized for Sleep, Swim, and Underwear:

Lastly, I have included two shower-proof skins in the download, as modeled by my sims in this post. The dark skin is Dance Dance from Dollie Destroyable's Geek On Prom Night 2 set. The light skin is one of [personal profile] needlecream's Enayla blends:


THANKS BE TO: Crab of Doom, for the original set, and CelestialSpider for the shiny new meshes.

All meshes are included. Female meshes have fit, fat, and preg morphs, and the male undies mesh was updated by CelestialSpider to add morphs. Clothing textures are my usual Frankenstein mashup, using bits and pieces from Maxis, Jenfold, AA Style, and Almighty Hat, with color actions from CuriousB.

And since GoS appears to be down again, here's a direct link to CrabOfDoom's original peg-leg set for download, which includes modern-day peg leg clothing, and CoD's original skin tones.

Note: CoD's set does NOT have any morphs, so you will want to replace CoD_AM_PegLegUnderwear_MESH with CelestialSpider's updated version from our set.