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Ophidiae ([personal profile] toastedsims) wrote2016-04-10 01:49 pm

Murals from Dragon Age Inquisition and DAI: Trespasser

I was working on building a facsimile of Skyhold for my Dragon Age 'hood, and realized I needed the murals that Solas paints in the rotunda. So, I made them.

There are 8 murals. Each mural is in two parts, so that's 16(!) walls in total. They're meant to flow seamlessly into each other, but it's reeeeally hard to get screenshots of that many walls, so I broke it down into groups.

Rotunda walls 1-8:

Rotunda walls 9-16:

And the unfinished rotunda mural:

At that point I was on a roll, so I did two of the elven murals from DAI:Trespasser as well.

Lifting of the Vallaslin, in five parts:

The Dread Wolf, in four parts:

Find them catalogued under Paint.

Credit goes to Thedosian Imports for extracting the rotunda murals, and BioWare artist Nick Thornborrow for the Trespasser murals.