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Under the Black Flag Part One: Clothing for Salty Sea-Dogs

This whole project got started because I was watching Black Sails and decided to make some salt-encrusted versions of Jenfold's Scurvy Curr set for my pirates. Then CelestialSpider got involved with the mesh-making magic, and it kind of snowballed from there.

First up, some sea-worn recolors of the basegame pirate coat and Cocomama's teen conversions. Pictured here are Jack Tar, Old Salt, and All Hands On Deck:

And here we have Anne Bonny and Calico Jack:

Next up, I bring you recolors of a brand new mesh from CelestialSpider, who heard me lamenting the lack of pirate clothing for the LBB bodyshape, and kindly provided LBB versions of the base game coat. The LBB coats are available for TM-EM, and have all morphs.

Pictured are AM versions of Billy Bones and Captain Flint:

And teen versions of Billy Bones and Old Salt:

CREDITS: Textures are my usual Frankenstein mashups, using bits and pieces from Maxis, Jenfold, Almighty Hat, and Sherahbim, with some color actions from Curious B. Meshes are by CelestialSpider, Cocomama, and Cynnix.

All meshes are included in both downloads. All coats are categorized for Everyday, Formal, Athletic, and Outerwear.

Anne Bonny, Jack Tar, and All Hands On Deck are available for TF-EF, in Maxis bodyshape only.

Billy Bones, Captain Flint, Old Salt, and Calico Jack are available for TM-EM in both the Maxis bodyshape and LBB.

For people who don't use bodyshapes, the Salty Dogs folder contains only Maxis versions of the male coats, as well as all the female coats. :)



On to Part Two!
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Woohoo! These are awesome!